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Outlined hereinafter is the Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) of “Website”). This Policy shall elaborate on how the Website collects, uses and discloses information with regard to the Users. By browsing the Website or availing any of the Services offered on the Website you hereby agree and accept to be bound by this Policy. Should you choose not to accept this Policy or be bound by it you are requested to refrain from using the Website or its Mobile Application (the “App”).


The Website collects certain information from all its Users. This information is required to register Users on the Website and the App as well as to provide Users with any of the Website’s Services. Information collected by the Website includes information with regard to your name, age, gender, contact details. All such information is mostly collected at the time of User registration. Users will be required to provide all information as may be indicated in the registration form. Certain information is also collected from any surveys undertaken by Users and from any communication with the Users. The Website may also collect certain traffic data information with regard to the Users visiting the Website. Information with regard to Users fitness may also be collected and stored for future reference purposes.

The Website’s Servers are also programmed to collect certain non-personally identifiable device specific information such as IP address, URLs requested, hardware, operating system. Certain other information with regard to browsing frequency and pattern may also be collected and stored.

At the time of making payments, information with regard to Users payment methods may also be collected and stored thereby ensuring the ease of all future transactions. All such payment information shall be collected and stored in a safe and secure manner and shall be accessed only at the time of making a payment.

When Users download and install the App on their mobile phone or other devices, the Website may collect certain information from such device including information with regard to the device and certain geo-location services.


The Website does not reveal, sell, divulge or trade any of the Users information collected. All information shall be used only for the purpose of rendering Services to Users as well as for any other User requirements. Personally identifiable User information shall be disclosed to third parties only after obtaining the User’s prior consent. The Website may also disclose certain User information to its employees, service providers, agents, contractors, representatives and associates. However all such disclosure shall only be on a need basis for providing Services to the Users. Certain User information and data, including but not limited to client’s and trainer’s names, may also be disclosed while selling any products or Services to them.

All information collected by the Website shall be used only for the purpose of providing Users with the Website’s Services. The Website shall not make any unauthorised disclosures unless with the express consent of the respective User. The Website may also use certain traffic data and information for analysing browsing related information of Users so as to improve upon the existing features of the Website and the App.

However, the Website may disclose certain User information in compliance with any law or in accordance with any order or rule from any competent court or governmental authority.


By using the Website, the App, any of the Services provided therein or by registering yourself, you are agreeing to receive frequent communication with regard to the Website, the App, the Services, newsletters, updates, offers or any promotions. Users are free to unsubscribe from the mailing scheme by changing their respective settings.


Cookies are small pieces of data sent by the Website and stored on your browser. The cookies are activated while you browse the website or avail any of the Services. Cookies are used to collect and store certain information with regard to User’s browsing patterns, preferences as well as to auto fill certain forms. Cookies are of two types, short term cookies and long term cookies. As the name indicates short term cookies store information for short periods, usually for the extent of your browsing period whereas long term cookies store information for a much longer period. The Website uses both these cookies so as to provide Users with an enhanced experience.

Cookies also help in storing certain functional information such as information with regard to your previous browsing history, previous choices, time spent on the websites, user name and other similar information. However cookies do not collect any information that is personally identifiable to you, rather it collects information with regard to your device as well as your browser.

Users may disable or delete any or all of the cookies enabled by the Website by accessing the respective settings. However disabling or deleting any of the cookies may seriously affect or disrupt the functionality of the Website and the Website shall not be responsible for any such reduced functionality or disruption of Services caused due to deleting the cookies.


Users may at any time access and view all information stored with regard to them. All information stored by the Website may be changed or updated by the User. Users are also entitled to make any corrections with regard to the information stored or they may also request the Website to make any necessary changes. However, any changes or updates required, that may affect the security of any information stored on the Server or the cost of which outweighs the need for such change or update, the Website may either refuse to make such changes or it may charge an additional sum as determined by it.

Users shall also be entitled to stop the Website from disclosing any information to any party as well as to stop all further information processing by the Website.


User information obtained may be stored on the Websites servers located within the territory of USA. All such information stored shall be in compliance with all applicable laws and data protection rules. Users may access and inspect all such information stored by the Website. The Website has taken all necessary safety measures while storing the information in its servers.


The Website stores all information collected in a secure and safe manner. The Website employs industrial standard measures in protecting User information. All Users are requested to use strong passwords for their accounts and not to divulge any account information to third parties. Users are also advised to proceed with caution while following any links or advertisements present on the Website and to review the security policy of any links or advertisements they follow. Any loss or damage incurred by Users while following any links or advertisements shall not be the responsibility of the Website.

However, it is important to note that no security measure will be one hundred percent fool proof and the Website cannot unconditionally guarantee the safety of any of the information stored on its servers.


The Website may, in its sole discretion, amend or vary any or all the provision of this Policy from time to time so as to keep itself up to date with the changing privacy requirements. No prior notice shall be provided before any amendments or variations are made. A notice shall be present on the Website informing Users of such amendments or variations and it shall be the duty of the Users to familiarise themselves with the revised terms. Sufficient time of __ days shall be provided for Users to familiarise themselves with the revised terms before the same is implemented.


In the event that Users have any grievances or queries with regard to this Privacy Policy they are free to contact our Grievance Redressal Officer at

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