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  Do you have a desire to take your fitness business to the next level? 

  • Become more organized?
  • Offer your clients more personal service
  • Stand out from your competitors?
  • Take advantage of the benefits of today’s technology?
  • Grow your business through increased client retention
  • Increase your new client acquisition?
  • Want more referrals?       


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If you answered yes to any of these question then read on.  Personal Training Partners offers real solutions to help you reach the goals you have for your fitness business.  We help Personal Trainers better serve their clients through advanced technology and innovation. For a low monthly membership fee you receive your own custom web page and 24/7 access to our complete online system designed to improve your relationship with your clients. PTPFitPro will  help you easily manage your client’s fitness plan and help them achieve their goals with  more efficiency and more professionalism.  Your clients will be impressed.


Build custom workouts for your clients and either print them out for use on the floor or lose your clipboard, grab your iPad and download our app.  Use your smartphone or iPad to take your client through their workout.  No more spending extra time after a session is completed entering adjustments or noting  important details of the workout.  Each session with a client provides you with vital information pertaining to that client and their training.                                                               


Your Clients Get Free Access

Your clients will receive a free account, which includes access to features like a scheduling calendar, measurement and goal tracking, their exercise history and use of our online communication tools.  Your clients sign into their PTPFitPro accounts through the login module on your web page.  From there they can track their progress, ask you questions, receive important information from you or just verify their next appointment.  Our client management tools are extremely interactive and beneficial to both you and your clients.  Your clients will love PTPFitPro because we have built it with both trainers and clients in mind.  We have made it easy to access and easy to use.  It is a user friendly website and app that gives trainers and their clients only the product solutions that enhance the trainer/client relationship.  We keep it simple.  No overly complicated and useless features here.

No Contracts or Long Term Commitments

You now have an opportunity to develop a stronger relationship with your clients as they log onto your web page often to access their accounts.  This equates to better marketing opportunities, a healthier connection with your clients,  an increase in client retention, more referrals and a stronger business overall. 

Stand Apart From Your Competition

Below you can check out some of PTPFitPro’s features then sign up for the 30 day free trial.  We look forward to serving you and helping you serve your clients.



PTPFitPro Trainer Web Page

Highlight Your Areas of Expertise .  Share Your Activities  .  List Your Accomplishments


Personalize Your Web Page

  • Add your logo to increase your company’s brand awareness
  • Upload your picture and a personalized cover
  • Include your bio that tells your clients who you are and what you can do to help them reach their goals
  • List your certifications and education
  • Add testimonials
  • Let your prospects and clients know about new classes and events that you are offering
  • Upload a revolving photo gallery


Increase Your Web Presence!

Personal Training Partners provides content material through an RSS feed which keeps your page informative, interesting and fresh when you don’t have enough time to change the content yourself.

And our RSS feeds are geared toward your clients.  New fitness trends, exercises of the month, a healthy recipe or cool activities are all part of the content we provide to your page.  This is where your client will go to log in to their account so it’s designed to be a fun place for your client to visit.  And it’s a great chance for you to market to both your clients and prospects.


        PTPFitPro Scheduling Calendar            

The scheduling calendar allows you to easily set appointments for your clients.  Set multiple appointments for all your clients in minutes.

Get Organized

Your clients view their appointment schedule from their own free account so no more mix ups with clients getting the wrong date or time.  All your appointments will be documented and more organization equals more income for you.

Print out your client’s workouts each day…and impress them with your organization and attention to detail.

Know When It’s Time To Resign a Client

  • Build a custom workout for that client’s session
  • View/edit a workout already attached to that client’s session
  • Complete the session activity
  • See how many sessions your client has purchased
  • And how many have been burned


PTPFitPro’s Communication Center


Personal Training Partners has designed a communication system that makes it fun and easy for you to privately reach out to your clients and give them the information they need to keep things running smoothly.  Your clients will appreciate this extra service that other trainers simply do not offer. 

Stay Connected to Your Clients

Communication between you and your clients is crucial to the success of the trainer/client relationship.  Your clients will love your short notes of encouragement or some advice on nutrition.  For those clients that travel frequently it’s easy to stay in touch and keep their training on track. 

Good Communication Builds Trust

Good communication between you and your clients means more…referrals & client retention.  And, it’s a great tool to keep in touch with your old clients. Just drop them a note every now and then reminding them of how much you appreciate their business.




Build a Workout

Build custom workouts based on your clients exercise history to make each workout relevant and meaningful.

Print them out to use on the floor or simply use our app with your iPad and go paperless.

Save your best workouts to use at a later date.

Edit your workouts any time up to the last minute of your client arriving…because things are always changing.

Goals, Notes & Alerts

Keep track of your client’s goals at each training session and take notes to record thoughts or ideas from one training session to another.

Track alerts of any prior medical conditions that might impact your client’s training or record other information relative to training your client safely.




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Manage Your Clients


Provide Your Clients With Added Value… For  clients that would benefit from a few extra workouts on their own time or for those clients that frequently travel we’ve made it quick and easy for you to build them a custom workout (complete with coaching tips).  Build your client a workout and post it in their account.  They simply just print it and go! Your clients will appreciate your extra level of service and the added value you provide.

Keep Important Client Documents Secure Online in Your Client’s File

Drop important documents securely into your client’s file. Medical release forms. Par-Q, health history forms, etc.

Measurements and Goals

The measurements and goals tool allows you to take your client’s measurements and use our body fat calculators to see their progress.  Your client can view the results from their account anytime. 

PDF Fitness Forms

We have loaded many PDF fitness forms for to you share with your clients as needed.  Either email the forms to them or download and print them.  The online forms can be filled out then dropped into your client’s file.


         Your Client’s Back Office


The Client Back Office of PTPFitPro contains all of the tools and resources that your client needs to maximize the trainer/client relationship.

Your client can…

  • Keep Track of Their Progress
  • Receive Valuable Information From You
  • Check The Calendar For Their Next Appointment
  • Note Their Purchase History & Remaining Sessions
  • Ask a Question or Reply To a Message From You
  • View The Complete History of Their Workouts
  • Access Their Measurements and Goals
  • View & Print Custom Workouts You Create For Them




Partners in Success

Personal Training Partners is 100% dedicated to developing strong partnerships with Personal Fitness Trainers.  We have built a product that offers practical benefits and real solutions to both personal trainers and their clients.  And, we provide each trainer a web page they can personalize as use for their own marketing purposes.  

Gain an Effective Online Presence 

Join with us in our efforts to make a difference within the health and fitness industry by serving personal trainers and their clients and strengthening the relationships between the two.  At Personal Training Partners our mission is to be the premier client management resource for trainers.  We work hard to create long lasting relationships with our trainers by providing world class customer service and we strive to know our customers well and conduct business in an open, honest and professional manner.

Register today and take your fitness business to the next level.  We can help you grow!


Ryan Hunt and The Personal Training Partner’s Team



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